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Science as Truth:  10″. Why it’s global, testable, consistent, logical, and only verifiable evidence survives.
Scientific Method:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #10. 9″. How science really works.
Scientific Method:  Discovering Religion #5. 8″. Scientific “theory” and what it means.
Suppressing Science:  Discovering Religion #15.  10″.  How science has been suppressed by religion.
Science and Anomalies:  Concordance. 10″. Testing observed anomalies with science, not the supernatural.
Note: The “Discovering Religion” website should not be confused with the creationist “Discovery Institute”.

Evolution: The science of how all life evolved on Earth.

Evolution 1:  Psychologist, QualiaSoup. 11″. A solid overview of evolution  — well written and presented.
Evolution 2: Science writer Peter hadfield #6.  8.30″. “Natural Selection”.  How lifeforms evolve.
Evolution 3: Science writer Peter hadfield #7.  7″. “Theory” of Evolution, “scientific” explanation, not an “idea”
Evolution 4:  Chris Schneider, Biologist. 7″. Overview and examples of ‘natural selection’.
Evolution 5:  BBC “Missing Link” 43″. Discovering the transitional form from fish to land animal.
Evolution 6: Science writer Peter Hadfield #3. 10″. “The Origins of Life”.
Evolution 7:  Discovering Religion.  10″. Why evolution is fact, and not God made.

Human Evolution: Scientific evidence of HE, with other primates, over 7 millions years.

Human Evolution 1:  Smithsonian Museum: short 4″ overview, HE over 2 million years.
Human Evolution 2:  Dr Donald Johanson 9″. “Evolution — becoming Human”.
Human Evolution 3:  The Fossil Record — full table of HE. Timeline, images, discovery details.
Human Evolution 4:  BestOfScience. 7″. Fusion of chromosome #2, evidence of HE from primates.
Human Evolution 5:  BBC Doco 49″. Discovery of “flat-faced man”. Now at least TWO bipedal lines.
Human Evolution 6:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #8. 10″. Primates (re chromosome #2) to H sapiens.
Human Evolution 7:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #9.  9″. Our DNA links back to early African H sapiens.
Human Evolution 8:  UKTV History 46″. HE, the development of speech, the key to modern humans.
Human Evolution 9:  BBC “Origins of Us” 59″. Dr Alice Roberts. Compares early hominids to H sapiens.
Human Evolution 10:  Dr Richard Leaky and Dr Donald Johanson. In depth 1′ 28″ on “Why HE Matters”.

Religion — Generally: Why religion in the 21st century needs to be challenged

Are Christians Delusional?:  Dr Richard Carrier. 45″.  Carrier is a philosopher and historian — a brilliant presentation which deconstructs the entire Christian argument.  It’s based on his book “The Christian Delusion“, with various other experts researching every aspect of Christianity.  Skip first 4” — not related to his talk.
Religion is Man Made:  Christopher Hitchens. 3″.  God ignores humans for 150,000 years for manifesting.
The Lack of Belief in Gods:  10″. Analysis of some basic questions about “belief”.  QualiaSoup.
The Burden of Proof :  11″. Why people of faith must take responsibility.  QualiaSoup.
Free Will:  16″. Discovering Religion #21; how religion subverts freedom and free will, and creates fear.
Religulous“:  1′ 40” Challenging the central questions of religion with humour; US comedian Bill Maher.
Religion — the Bad Parent:  TheraminTrees. 10″. The  ‘proselytise’ on a train.  What parents teach kids.
The Faith Cake:  8″. Analysis of the differences in ‘belief’ of religion and science.  QualiaSoup.
Dragon in my Garage:  C0c0rdance science. 4″. The Carl Sagan’s argument against the existence of God.
Putting Faith in its Place:  10″. Overview of how religion is communicated to an unsuspecting public.
Why we Believe in God(s):  1′ 48″. Forensic psychiatrist Dr Andy Thomson profiles is analysis of religion.
Zeitgeist Movie:  Peter Joseph’s film. Only part 1 is relevant to religion, starting from the 13″ mark.

Creationism + ID + IC: Problems with Religious Fundamentalism

Creationist Beliefs:  Discovering Religion #2.  10″.  Why they belief, and how they deny science.
Creationist Myths:  Discovering Religion #4.  2 x 8″.  How they get it wrong. Young Earth, Noah, galaxies.
Creationist Denials:  Science writer Peter Hadfield.  6″.  Why scientific evidence is “consistent”.
Teaching Children Creationism is Child Abuse:  3″.  Dr Lawrence Krauss; cosmologist, physicist.
Top Creationist myths debunked:  8″.  Some of the amusing arguments creationists still use.
Creationism debunked:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #11.  9″.  Popular creationist myths exposed.
The Collapse of Intelligent Design:  A 1-hour presentation by Dr Kenneth Miller.
Reason and Creationism:  A 37″ presentation by Dr Eugenie Scott.
Inside Creationism’s Trojan Horse:  67″.  Dr Barbara Forrest explains the Dove High School trial.

Morality + Atheist Ethics: Debunking centuries of myth.

Science can answer moral questionsSam Harris author, philosopher, neuroscientist, CEO of Project Reason
Biblical Morality:  Discovering Religion #18. 12″.  Examines the flaws of Christian morality and the bible.
Morality 1: Good without God:  13″. Easy to follow explanations — and entertaining.
Morality 2: Not-so-good Book:  14″. Focusing on the bible.
Morality 3: Objectivity:  17″. More good points of interest.
Secular Morality:  Discovering Religion #20. 29″.  Examines secular vs Christian morality.
Moral Abuses:  Discovering Religion #22. 2 parts”: 16″+ 9. Christianity and the abuse of moral codes.

Former Christians: Personal experiences from religion to atheism.

Former Christians 1:  Seth Andrews a former evangelical. 37″. Now runs the website TheThinkingAtheist
There are No Gods 1/3:  7″.  A personal journey from Christian to secular humanist and atheist.
There are No Gods 2/3:  13″. As above.
There are No Gods 3/3:  18″. As above.

The Universe and Earth

A Brief History of Everything:  Neil deGrasse Tyson.  8″ snapshot of Big Bang to now.  Great detail.
The Universe from Nothing:  Dr Lawrence Krauss.  62″.  Brilliant presentation, highly informative.
History of the Universe — part 1:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #1.  9″.  Excellent overview.
History of the Universe — part 2:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #2.  9″.  ditto.
The Story of the Earth:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #4.  8″.  Sedimentary layers and continental drift.
The Age of Earth:  Science writer Peter Hadfield #5. 10″. Dating methods, dendrochronology, radiometric dating.

Vestigial Organs: ‘natural’ quirks of evolution.  If God made Man, it’s ‘bad design’ . . .!

Bad Design 1:  Richard Dawkins. 4″. Evidence of bad design. The laryngeal nerve of a giraffe. Actual dissection.
Bad Design 2:  Discovering Religion. 2 x 9″. Mistakes in evolution over millions of years.  Man is not God-made.

Secularism: The Separation of Church and State

Church and State:  Public Forum 2.4.13: Sean Faircloth, AG Grayling, Fr Frank Brennan, Pru Goward.

Video Channels and other websites

QualiaSoup video channel:  psychologist and science writer, UK secular humanist. Potholder54 video channel:  Science writer Peter Hadfield.  Well researched and presented.
The Thinking Atheist on youtube: A range of video by Seth Andrews, known as The Thinking Atheist
The Thinking Atheist  the website: A well produced series of articles on religion / atheist topics.
Concordance video channel: A biologist who produces many interesting science videos.  Browse.
TheraminTrees video channel: Well researched and presented videos on secular humanism
Discovering Religion:  Well argued atheist view of the universe, evolution, morality. 24 x  10″ videos.
Christopher Hitchens  video channel:   The incomparable Hitch.  Many good videos.
The Atheist Experience:  Website and backlog of all their TV programs out of Austin, Tx.
National Centre for Science  Education:  Many good video presentations of re religion.
Website Library:  Referencing over 1,000 videos on Creationism, Religion and atheism.