Promoting science, reason & critical thinking with a rational A-theist perspective to advance the secular political agenda

Our Objectives

The objectives of Plain Reason are to promote reason and critical thinking, and to educate and inform the public at large as to:

  • the nature of secularism; and the benefits of a secular society;
  • the need to keep religion out of politics, education, science and public policy;
  • the importance of having and maintaining the freedom to publicly challenge any and all ideas, including religious views, using evidence, logic and reason;
  • the value of critical thinking in all matters affecting the future of humankind;
  • the benefits of self-reliance, as distinct from reliance upon supernatural and religious doctrine;
  • current scientific theories and evidence regarding the origin of the universe and the evolutionary development of all known lifeforms including humankind;
  • the need to stand firm against all forms of cruelty, injustice and intolerance;
  • the need to generate public support for the promotion and advancement of these principles.

Plain Reason promotes reason, logic and critical thought