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Radio Interview ABC Adelaide – Pious Pollies vs Public Policy 24.5.16

Interview with Peter Goers – ABC 891 Adelaide.  20 minutes,

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Breaking the TABOO of discussing “religion in politics”.  Why voters and the media need to question MPs, Senators and new candidates (especially at election time) about how the extent of their religious beliefs impact on the full raft of social policy.

Issues discussed included:  evidence of politicised federal parliament, same-sex marriage, voluntary euthanasia, IPSOS poll shows 78% of people want religion and politics to be separate, why Australia is not a secular democracy, the power and wealth of religious organisations, the issues of prayers in parliament, Prayer Breakfasts to open parliament, the Red Mass for the legal fraternity, the Chaplaincy Program, the need for ethics classes in schools rather than Religious Education, the needless expansion of religious private schools at the expense of public education (the Gonski reforms).

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