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Radio Interview 5AA on 22.4.13

Leon Byner and Archbiship John Hepworth tag-team vs Brian Morris

This interview with Atheism SA lasted 12 minutes with a number of interjections from both Leon Byner and John Hepworth.  Archbishop Hepworth was then given the rest of the hour to expound his views on religion, interspersed with several Christian callers and just two atheists.

Brian was not given the opportunity to stay on-air to answer callers’ questions or to challenge many of the self-servicing comments made by Archbishop Hepworth.

This type of one-sided “debate” illustrates precisely why Atheism SA is needed — to at least make some level of public comment on social policy, which has been dominated by various religious lobbies.

10 Radio Interview-03 5AA Byner 22.4.13