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Opinion: New Matilda 13.5.16 . . . Religion’s role in “the Politics of Envy”

Religion’s Role in the “Politics of Envy”

New Matilda:  published 13.5.16

With all the viciousness of a budgetary wet lettuce thwacking across sun-tanned wrists, Treasurer Scott Morrison has dealt a flaccid blow to billionaires and banks as fallout from the Panama Papers starts to bite.

As offshore tax havens flourish our former Goldman Sachs banker turned Prime Minister has turned up in the papers himself, and threatened tax avoiders with… well, nothing. No closing of any tax loopholes as multinationals remain largely unfettered.

Indeed, the government’s budget provides even greater incentives for clinging to wealth. Cuts to company tax will cost the nation $47 billion over 10 years; negative gearing $8 billion; no death duties for the mega-rich costs $10b; and tax-free religious corporations (not charities) costs us more than $20b every year . . .

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