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Media Release – Launch book of the book ‘Sacred to Secular’ 27.7.15

Media Release:    27th July, 2015

                       Why Australia fails the ‘secular’ test . . .

While Morgan Research shows a majority of Australians are now non-Christian, the nation is far from being ‘secular’ – the simple act of separating Church and State; says Brian Morris, author of the new book ‘Sacred to Secular’.

“Despite dwindling congregations Church leaders and professional Christian lobbyists continue to dictate today’s social agenda — from a small but highly politicised and influential power base,”  Morris said.

Controversially titled ‘Sacred to Secular: why a corrupted Christianity demands a Secular solution’, it proposes the “Scandinavian model” to counter the “corrupted” elements of “corporate Christianity and predatory evangelism.”

The book argues the public and media need to challenge the taboo that protects religion from questions about its fabricated history and influence on politics and society — despite damning finding from the Royal Commission.

“Only 8% of the public attended church regularly, and more than 75% of Australians support a raft of progressive social policy that includes gay marriage, voluntary euthanasia, and establishing ethics classes in all schools.”

“Today, 40% of Australian children attend private Christian schools, and two-thirds of all public schools have weekly Religious Instruction — and school chaplains — most of which are provided by evangelical groups with a stated mission to make Aussie kids disciples of Christ”.  It’s a theology that stunts intellectual growth,” says Morris.

“Parents have no concept of the religious fundamentalism their children can be subjected to.  In just 50 years we’ve gone from education that was ‘free, compulsory and secular’ to the most Christianised system in the OECD.”

“We still have Christian governments that perpetuate the myth of a ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition’ and which seek to further diminish public education — a problem that the now-abandoned Gonski reforms where geared to salvage.”

Morris says there is “no issue” with those who seek solace from a “personal and private” faith but there are serious problems with the rise of USA-style evangelism and entrepreneurial Christianity in education, health and aged care.

He profiles the vast benefits to countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark — all more than 80% secular — and he shows why “religion-neutral” nations have far higher living standards (on 48 indicators) than religious societies.

“We need to discuss all religion openly and honestly — to challenge its myths and divisive doctrines, and to secure the tangible benefits already achieved by the advanced secular nations of Scandinavia,” Morris said.

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