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Media Release: Easter rooted in A-theism

“A-theism” — the historical genesis of Easter

Published in: Australian Independent Media Network on 14.4.22
Relevant comments follow the published media release.

(1) “A-theism” is not, per se, “anti-religious”; nor malign “people” with a private belief.
(2) But it reserves the right to “fact-check” and challenge the roots of religious history.
(3) Why A-theism needs to rationally distant from evangelical slurs of satanic atheism!

“With Easter upon us it is relevant for all Australians to be reminded that Easter had it genesis — according to ABC News — as an ancient Pagan festival to celebrate the coming of Spring, in the Northern Hemisphere,” says Brian Morris, director of Plain Reason.

“As with the Pagan festival for Spring — and re-birth — it is fitting that the secular and non-religious majority distance itself from the corrupted view of “atheism”, to mean evil and satanic.”

“It’s a pejorative term perpetuated over centuries by fundamentalist Christians who refuse to accept that much of their historical narrative is fatally and factually flawed,” Mr Morris said

Plain Reason argues it is necessary differentiate “A-theism” from the derogatory ‘atheism’ — similar to terms such as a-political, a-symptomatic, or a-tonal — the “a” simply denoting non-compliance!

Mr Morris stated that A-theism is not, per se, “anti-religious” — nor does it malign people of religion.

He said that essentially, A-theists should simply be free to fact-check questionable evangelical doctrines designed to sabotage a raft of contemporary social issues supported by a significant public majority.

“This raises the contentious issue of fundamentalist religion in politics — graphically illustrated in South Australia, with a wave of Pentecostal Christians applying for membership of the Liberal Party.”

“In fact the general public, and media — during this melding of Easter and an election campaign — should know that the Liberals are dominated “…by a cross-between old DLP Catholic(s) … and wannabe USA Tea Party Republicans,” — according to Rationalist Society doyen, Paul Monk.”

“So with Easter in the air we need to reflect on its non-Christian roots and ask whether A-theist citizens should have the right the fact-check Christian dogma.”

“And that includes Christian dominated politics (from the PM down) and whether the media and politicians will allow voices — with a rational A-theist critique — to actually be heard,” Mr Morris said.

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