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Media Release: the Bible Society and Coopers Beer

Bible ‘branding’ begs biblical backlash           15.3.17

“Atheists are likely to benefit more than the Bible Society, in its attempted ‘re-branding’ — using biblical verses on 10,000 cans of Coopers beer,” according to former publicist and director of Plain Reason, Brian Morris.

“Think about it:  Australia is already majority religion-neutral and beer-drinkers are right up there on the sceptics ‘scale of ‘doubt’ on matters of God-belief — and these Jesus quotes will gain little more than further ridicule.

“Contemporary biblical scholars agree that the Gospels are riddled with pious fraud, endless contradictions, reams of re-edited quotations, truisms, and events that pre-date the alleged life of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Twenty verses have been provided by the Bible Society to Coopers, whose Christian owners are long-standing contributors to the Bible Society.  One verse reads:

John 3:21  “Who ever lives by the truth comes into the light

“It is bizarre that schoolchildren are still taught that the bible is ‘the truth’ — an idea still believed by Education Departments to be more important than Critical Thinking, scientific knowledge, and secular ethics classes.

“Christians represent just 30% of the world’s religions, yet they claim their ‘truth‘ trumps the 70% of others who have a quite different God-belief — it is this religious divisiveness that creates so much conflict.

“Beer-drinkers are far more sceptical, and Coopers have already suffered a social media backlash with many pubs and bars cancelling their beer orders — and not helped by the political “Keeping it Light” video on gay marriage.

“One wonders what Bible Society CEO, Greg Clarke, was thinking — and whether it was he or the Coopers brewery owners who floated this biblical misadventure.

“Secular organisations are greatly amused by this imprudent attempt to bring beer-drinkers to God — and it is highly unlikely that Coopers or the Bible Society will tell “the truth” about the real wash-up of this campaign.”

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