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Letters: Tax Religion

Subject: Tax Religion
Published 5th December 2014

Dear Letters Editor,

While Tony Abbott flounders with his ‘budget crisis’, spare a thought for all those who got the chop with funding cuts. Defense, the ABC, science research, the list goes on.

Meanwhile there’s no action on the big companies who pay little or no tax at all. Among these are the corporate church businesses that run private schools, private hospitals, private aged care and other companies.

Entrepreneurial religion costs government an estimated $31 billion each year in tax breaks and lost revenue. Churches have enormous wealth in property, investments, and assets worth billions.

It’s a substantial loss to general revenue that gives church corporations relief from GST, stamp duty, land tax, company and capital gains tax, FBT, car registration fees and municipal rates.

Taxing religion on its corporate enterprises is long overdue.

Brian Morris
Director, Plain Reason

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