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Letters: Prayers – David Penberthy

Subject:     No Place for Prayers.  Response to column by David Penberthy 23.1.14

Dear Letters Editor,

It’s too easy to fob off Council prayers as a harmless tradition (God rarely gets much of a look-in in Australia, The Advertiser, 23/1/15).

It’s also too easy to belittle the argument for removing public prayer rituals by calling up the diversionary tactic of political correctness, and linking it to the inflamed issue of Islamic sensitivity.

Letting go of ritual prayer has nothing to do with being “small-minded” or of “politically correct Westerners jumping at shadows”.

We now live in a technologically advanced and “evidence- based” society, and while people can privately believe what they wish there is no longer any need for many anachronistic rituals — including public prayers.

The advanced countries of western Europe — and particularly Scandinavian countries — are now more than 80% secular.  They have released themselves from past supernatural beliefs.

It is immaterial whether the Holdfast Bay Council prayer is inoffensive or not.  To which “Heavenly Father” do they pray — asking for His presence and guidance?

The evidence from biblical scholars and historians over recent decades shows conclusively that Christianity — like all religions — is founded on fiction and pious fraud.

The media would do well to publish the facts.  Australia will eventually find the courage to abandon its remaining supernatural beliefs and follow the more enlightened and progressive path to a fully secular society — just as successful counties like Norway, Sweden, and many others have done.

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