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Letter: Religious and Non-religious — Equal Rights: 7.10.15

Published in the Adelaide Advertiser 7.10.15 — link to online version; 8th letter.

Dear Letters Editor,

John Kelly laments a lack of respect for religion and believes the non-religious are irrational (The Advertiser, 6/10/15).

He misses the crucial point that in all progressive nations — where reason and critical thinking is encouraged — religion is in sharp decline.  According to Morgan Research, Australia is now more than 50 percent non-Christian.

Neuroscience has long explained how all religions — from the earliest civilisations — have manipulated our innate survival and social mechanisms to believe in supernatural creators (there are many to choose from).  John would do well to read the science and consider it; rationally.

That said, religious freedom is guaranteed under international charters adopted by the UN.  But so too are the rights of the non-religious and atheists, under those same protocols.

So believe what you wish; as a personal and private faith!  But for those who choose not to worship gods, we have an equal ‘right’ to challenge — with science or humour — the fundamental flaws of religion.

And that includes the public and politicised mantras of all three Abrahamic faiths — with dogmas that divide and damage so many people and cultures worldwide.

Brian Morris
Plain Reason

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