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Herald Sun: MPs, Religion and Government.

Heavily edited Herald Sun article on the IPSOS poll and a previous media release that it’s time for MPs to declare their religion — as it impacts on social policy.

Push for MPs to register religious beliefs.  1.2.16

A poll found 78 per cent of Australians don’t want religion dictating social policy, Plain Reason says.

MPs should register their religious beliefs in the same way they do their finances, to inform voters of their potential stances on issues such as same-sex marriage and voluntary euthanasia, a lobby group says.

A nationwide poll found 78 per cent of Australians don’t want religion dictating social policy legislation by government and 72 per cent think the constitution should clearly separate church and state, according to secular advocacy group Plain Reason.

“Church leaders and many politicians wrongly claim our constitution is founded on Christian values that morally oppose contemporary policies such as same-sex marriage,” Plain Reason director Brian Morris said.

Mr Morris said the IPSOS survey of 1032 people in January found a significant majority of people “strongly” believed personal religious beliefs should be separated from the business of government.

But Australian Christian Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton said the survey incorrectly assumed religion was dictating government policy.

It was up to voters to familiarise themselves with their MP’s stance on social issues, Mr Shelton said.

(Editor’s note:  How about the media takes some responsibility for leading a national discussion on taking religion out of politics — the state and federal MPs who believe it’s OK to mount their own Christian crusades against same-sex marriage, voluntary euthanasia, et al?  If they wish to do that, the electorate is entitled to know exactly the extent of their religious beliefs — and how far they intend to go in perusing those agendas, rather than representing the majority wishes of their electorates.)

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