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Letters: Pyne a Hypocrite 26.9.14

Subject:  Pyne a Hypocrite
The Advertiser 26th September, 2014   (10th Letter)

Dear Lettes Editor,

Chris Pyne’s ultimatum — to replace SA’s secular welfare workers in public schools with chaplains — is simply doctrinaire (The Advertiser, yesterday).

On one hand the Federal Education Minister insists school principals have the right to hire and fire staff, but on the other, he ties SA funding on this issue to a personal Christian philosophy.

It’s hypocritical.

Polls show Australians are now predominately secular, so let schools decide what they want under this antiquated chaplaincy scheme — deemed unconstitutional by the High Court in June.

By the Minister ignoring that 320 chaplains in SA public schools are provided by a highly evangelical organisation, he is branding himself with the same Christian fundamentalism.

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