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Advertiser Letter — Good without God

Published 18th February 2014

Dear Letters Editor,

While Reverend Lynn Arnold must be commended for calling a forum on Social Justice he is wrong to condemn secularism (The Advertiser, Articles of Faith, yesterday). He dismisses the non-religious view of social justice as some sort of “work for the dole” scheme — no assistance unless you contribute and are productive.

Not only is this disingenuous it’s a cheap shot at secular values. Does he not consider people can be good without God?

Why is it that Christians constantly try to claim the moral high ground? Secular humanism has a caring and compassionate base that underpins its worldview, drawn from principles of social ethics and morality which predates Christianity.

There are literally thousands of registered charities in Australia, the majority of which of non-religious. It might be appropriate for Reverend Arnold to have a more socially inclusive attitude towards all those who don’t share his Christian beliefs in a supernatural deity.

Brian Morris
Director, Plain Reason