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Richard Dawkins Foundation – Backs ASA push on ABS

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)  backs ASA submission

RDFRS has called on Australian atheists to make a submission to change Q19 on “Religion”, for the 2016 Census.  The link below goes to our media release (with pages 2 and 3 being the key elements of our ABS submission).

CONTACT US for a PRO FORMA.  Just add your name / address and email or mail.  It’s that EASY . . .!
Keep up the campaign and send a submission even tho’ (officially) it closed 31.5.13. 

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Richard says;  “Aussies!   Make a submission to the ABS re the leading Census question on religious belief.  Questions need to be worded properly so as not to undercount the non-religious.”

“Copy of ASA Media Release and key elements of their submission HERE:

“An easy way to make a big difference …  ASA has a Pro Forma.”

Richard Dawkins Foundation.