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Radio Interview ABC Victoria 20.10.15 — Why is HRC’s ‘Religious Forum’ necessary?

Interview with Fiona Parker ABC Central Victoria: 20.10.15
The previous 6PR interview with Commissioner Tim Wilson is also ‘enlightening’.

The points are similar but there’s an issue at the 9-minute mark.  Fiona mentions a media release from the Rationalists Society (RSA) quoting “a time for commonsense” in resolving concerns of Christian businesses in the wedding industry.  They want exemptions from anti-discrimination laws, once same-sex marriage is legalised.  It referred to one solution: “to divide the marriage act into Civil and Religious Unions… as suggested by HR Commissioner Tim Wilson.”  This policy fails the “equality test“.  At this stage I was not aware that a similar option was favoured by RSA — a policy of “Disclose and Refer”.  Christian business could refuse service to gay couples, provided they publicly disclosed their policy and referred them to other suppliers.  Had I know at the time, I would have repudiated the idea as just another example of discrimination by proxy.  The HRCReligious Freedom” roundtable is essentially a forum for “Religious Privilege“.


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