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Opinion: 22.6.16 – Public schools, politics, and a religious divide

Published 22.6.16:  The Australian Independent Media Network – (AIM)

Australia is creating a new socio-religious divide — inadvertently, or perhaps intentionally — based squarely on education.  And it is reflected in the growing imbalance between an increasingly secular public and what can be described as an endemic piety that percolates through parliaments, the bureaucracy and judiciary.

After more than a century the education system has regressed from a uniform and nationally accepted principle — of being “Free, Compulsory and Secular” — to a divisive two-tier system.  While public schools labour under funding cuts a burgeoning private system has flourished, with generous governments grants . . .  more . . .

For the full story and links to all references see the published AIM article.

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