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Letters: No Case for Christ

Subject: No Case for Christ

Dear Letters Editor,

Credible evidence is essential when making any claim, and Jeff Pollard’s unfounded assertion is typical of those armed only with blind faith (“Case for Christ”, The Advertiser, 24/11/14).

Christian historians have for centuries engaged in pious fraud — now fully exposed by a series of biblical scholars and secular historians. The latest is Dr Richard Carrier, in his recent book “On the Historicity of Jesus”. The devout should challenge their faith and read it.

Fabrications throughout the Gospels, Acts and Epistles are endless and the discrepancies can all be “proved”, leading to a rational conclusion that Jesus was, at best, an ordinary Judean preacher who later became deified.

The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Many celebrity court cases have been won entirely on circumstantial evidence, such as Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber. The same principle applies.

It’s entirely dishonest when Christians try to reverse the ‘burden of proof’, but here it is. The real challenge is for them to now prove wrong all the meticulous modern research which shows the New Testament to have been fabricated, over many centuries.

Brian Morris
Director, Plain Reason

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