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Media Release: Bernardi, Trump and Freedom of Religion

Bernardi, Trump and Freedom of Religion  13.2.17

“As Church leaders campaign for greater ‘Religious Freedom’ they will be encouraged by Cory Bernardi launching his Australian Conservative Party,” according to Brian Morris, director of the secular organisation Plain Reason.

“Senator Bernardi is a Donald Trump devotee, and his Christian beliefs reflect the US President’s new-found interest in anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and sweeping new ‘Religious Liberties’ to reward Christian voters.

“Churches will pray that Bernardi and other conservatives will campaign to expand “Christian morals” legislation here — similar to the provisions in a leaked Executive Order that Donald Trump is expected to sign,” Morris said.

The Nation published a copy of this draft Executive Order that will radically increase religious rights in education, health, and commerce — to discriminate on jobs, gays, abortion, and to cite that ‘life’ begins at conception.

Mr Morris said Church leaders, conservatives, and scores of Christian MPs from all parties will envy Trump’s likely action. He refers to the 66% of Tony Abbott’s partyroom who rejected the LNP conscience vote on gay marriage.

“Secular principles embedded in Section 116 of the Constitution have been actively undermined by politicised religion over many decades — despite 78% of Australians who want religion to be kept out of politics.

“And ‘Freedom of Religion‘ has become corrupted — no freedom was ever given to create a Christian theocracy.

Under Article 18 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) — with Australia a signatory — the correct term has always been “Freedom of Religion and Belief“.¬† It gives equal protection for the majority who are now non-religious and secular, and who cite material evidence that challenges the fabrications of religion.

“In 2017 we are still pretending the supernatural origins of all three Abrahamic faiths are “true” — and we teach schoolchildren across the nation that science is subservient to the bible, based on mythical stories from Genesis.

“We need more science and less religion in schools to counter religious fables based on superstition; religious beliefs that are divisive and discriminate against minorities — very much like Donald Trump,” Mr Morris said.

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