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Advertiser Letter – Divine Foregiveness – published 3.4.13

Subject:  Time to Let Go

Dear Editor,

Arguing in support of religious faith David d’Lima wanders off track and delves into the metaphysical (The Advertiser, 2/4/13).  Conceding that metaphysics is “beyond scientific inquiry” he wants us all to simply accept “beauty, justice and divine forgiveness” as beyond question.

Sorry, David, while beauty and justice are open to debate, there are specific benchmarks by which people make decisions.  However, faith in “divine forgiveness” — like all religious faith — sits squarely in the realm of magic and the supernatural.

Put simply, faith is the denial of observation and logic so that belief in Bronze Age myths can be preserved.  Our species has long since “let go” of Thor, Zeus and a thousand other gods.  After 2000 years, perhaps it’s time to let go of this one.  A majority of Australians already have.

Brian Morris
Atheism SA Inc.