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Advertiser Letter – Dial a Crowd – published 25.5.13

Christians Dial a Crowd

Dear Editor

While voteline is clearly a legitimate snap-poll for people to express their views, the astronomical pendulum swing can sometimes make for amusing reading (The Advertiser, yesterday).

It’s not too often that registered votes top the one thousand mark, so it’s most interesting to see the Christian lobby hard at work when the question relates to same-sex marriage.

Imagine all those parishioners feverishly phoning their telephone trees to urge a ‘no’ vote.

Sorry folks, your 80 to 1086 score (against marriage equality) impresses no one and is almost inversely proportional to national public opinion.

But it does illustrate how religious people are prepared to gerrymander the vote when it comes to progressive social policy.

Brian Morris
Atheism SA Inc.