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Advertiser Letter 14.2.14 — Creationists

Published 15th February 2014

Dear Letters Editor,

Neville Lienert seems to be wearing his rosary-coloured glasses (The Advertiser, yesterday). He deftly avoids tackling the key issue that 30 percent of Australians are creationists. Incredible, almost a third of the population!

Their children are taught the Earth is 6000 years old and Noah built a big boat to save all of today’s animal species. Worse still, this literal view of the Bible is finding its way into public school education; it already manifests in private schools.

Evangelical churches are growing, along with the trend in America, while “traditional” congregations are in major decline and that should pique Neville’s interest.

It’s no wonder that science continues to be undermined in this country, and that is a real concern for our future development.

Brian Morris
Director, Plain Reason