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ABC Interview – re SA Museum – 4.7.13

Interview with Ian Henscheke on ABC 891 re the SA Museum finally installing an exhibit on Human Evolution. Main speaker is Prof Alan Cooper on ancient human DNA, and human evolution — especially Neanderthals.

10 Radio Interview-05 ABC 891 4.7.13

The exhibit is insubstantial but it’s the first of its kind on human evolution at the SA Museum for 5 years.  Atheism SA has been campaigning to have an HE exhibit since October 2010 — for the thousands of children who go through SAM’s Information Centre each year.  Almost 1 in 4 South Australians reject the science, believing only the biblical account of Genesis — Adam and Eve, Noah’s flood, and a 6000 year old earth!  One small step in the campaign against ignorance!

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Information Centre at the South Australian Museum.  Installed 28.6.13