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Sec-Net: Interim Results of “A-theism” Survey + other

Sec-Net: Interim Results of “A-theism” Survey + other:  21.4.22

Sec-Net email to the whole Secular Network
NSL blog post also run with National Secular Lobby

*  Interim Results of the “A-theism” Survey, still open till 30.4.22
NSL blog extends reach of the “A-theism” Survey
AIM Network publishes piece on “A-theism” and Easter
*  “Comments” in the AIM piece touch on Celestial or Mortal Jesus
*  Great op-ed from Trevor Bell, on “Race Horse Journalism

Interim Results of “A-theism” vs “atheism” Survey

The poll has been extended to 30th April due to the National Secular Lobby (NSL) has supported Plain Reason by including the Survey in a blog post, which will greatly extend its reach.  Others are free to share it too.

The proposition, explained here, is whether to use “atheism” or “A-theism” when pitching media releases to print and electronic mainstream media. To date, A-theism is 64% and atheism is 36%.  The poll closes 30.4.22.

A-theism and Easter:

The Australian Independent Media Network (AIMN) published Plain Reason’s media release — no time for an op-ed before Easter. Not surprisingly, one Christian voice objected, with a pointed comment following the post.

Plain Reason responded, hoping to encourage the broader debate of whether Jesus was simply a “mere mortal” (with no miraculous powers) or a “celestial deity”, similar to other gods of that era.

The Rationalist Society picked up the argument in their mag, Rationale, with Hugh Harris going in to bat for the “mere mortal” argument.  This issue was also canvassed in this NSL blog (see link above).

Race Horse Journalism:

Trevor Bell — of Iron Fist Velvet Glove fame — also ran an excellent piece in the RSA mag, Rationale.  He explains, cuttingly, how today’s journalists write and broadcast on state and federal elections more in the style of a horse race commentary.  A similar argument on journalistic bias has also been run by the AIM Network!

Both are correct in saying journalism standards have dropped; that there is “no contest of ideas”. Media outlets (including the ABC) ignore “what the people want”, says Trevor Bell.  In secular politics, too, most journos listen only to the loudest voice — and in our case that’s religion!

Media ignore the 78% secular majority who want public school funding raised to the same level as religious schools; who say there’s no need for prayers in parliament; nor religious education (or chaplains) in public schools.  And there is scant response to the raft of other demands on the secular agenda.

This dovetails exactly with the point we made in the NSL blog — that “media outlets have been subdued by six relentless years of “Religious Freedom” (a freedom that has always existed!).  A strategy is needed to (gradually) strengthen the secular voice across all media.

Secular groups came together for the “Don’t Divide Us” campaign, to help sink the divisive Religion Discrimination (privileges) Bill. A similar collective approach would be useful for selected elements of NSL’s secular agenda.

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