The 2021 Census has far more meaning to the secular majority than simply raising the ‘No Religion’ demographic to above the misleading low of 30% in the 2016 census.

There are consequences for ABS maintaining their distorted figure of religiosity — with its biased question: “What is the person’s religion?”.  That implicitly assumes every person has one!  This inflated religious figure — of 60% in 2016 — allows government to grant unjustified billions each year to religious businesses for their private church schools, hospitals and aged care.  This is at the expense of cash-strapped public education, especially when Covid-19 has caused a budged deficit crisis.  It threatens public schools becoming mere ‘education welfare’.  This perpetually flawed ABS question on religion MUST change in 2026.

Link to this PDF for the full story . . .

A-2 Opinion-33a – Canberra Times – Census op-ed for 10.8.21

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