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Opinion: Canberra Times – Consequences of the biased question on religion. 10.8.21

The 2021 Census has far more meaning to the secular majority than simply raising the ‘No Religion’ demographic to above the misleading low of 30% in the 2016 census.

There are consequences for ABS maintaining their distorted figure of religiosity — with its biased question: “What is the person’s religion?”.  That implicitly assumes every person has one!  This inflated religious figure — of 60% in 2016 — allows government to grant unjustified billions each year to religious businesses for their private church schools, hospitals and aged care.  This is at the expense of cash-strapped public education, especially when Covid-19 has caused a budged deficit crisis.  It threatens public schools becoming mere ‘education welfare’.  This perpetually flawed ABS question on religion MUST change in 2026.

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A-2 Opinion-33a – Canberra Times – Census op-ed for 10.8.21

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