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The Faithful and the Bible

It’s far too easy for those who promote religion to subtly shift between two opposing positions.  Talking in secular company we hear the spin of “modern Christians” who no longer take the bible “literally”.  With a sweep of the hand and a dismissive laugh they deftly brush aside teachings of the Old Testament as “mere symbols and allegories”.  Yet, to a devout audience, it’s just as easy to embrace the Book as “the Word of God”.

This is patently dishonest.  It illustrates the fraudulence of “cherry picking” those parts of the bible that are useful or appropriate to their purposes.  Either it’s a Holy Book or it’s not.  A very small sample of verses which people of faith deliberately ignore is listed in Quotes from God.   Christians can’t pick and choose which bits to believe.  When science gets something wrong (which it freely admits to), it removes the error from the scientific lexicon.

However, contradictions within the bible are rife, which simply adds weight to the entire work being cobbled together over centuries — without due reference to people, places, dates and deeds.  There are many websites which list bible contradictions, this is just one.  It begs the ultimate question; how on Earth can this jumble of cruel and vengeful directives, absurd myths, and motherhood statements be the “Divine Word of God” . . .?

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