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Isn’t Atheism Just Another Religion?

An absurd fallacy still promoted by fundamentalists Christians:

Atheism is plainly and simply “a-theism” — which means being “non-theist” … not believing in any God, or Gods, or the supernatural.  This rational position is taken by atheists based firmly on logic.  One critical fact is irrefutable — there is absolutely no credible, scientific or verifiable evidence that a supernatural being exists.

There can be no debate on “atheism being a religion”.  It is crystal clear.  “As two plus two is NOT five, so atheism is NOT a religion.”  Or, in a more humourous vein; “atheism is a religion, like NOT collecting stamps is a hobby. . .!”

Atheists do not claim to “prove” there is no supernatural being — nor are they obliged to.  With a total lack of evidence, God’s existence is supremely unlikely.  But wait, there’s more.  Refer to the article God’s Late Arrival in this website.  There is also an interesting piece on Why We Believe in Gods.  Christians need to seriously review the innumerable flaws, distortions and endless Contradictions of the Bible that draw rational minds to an inescapable conclusion that all religion is man made.  Those saying they believe in God can no longer turn a blind eye.

The whole burden of proof lies with people of faith.  Their belief was taught to them in childhood and it survives only through clinging to “blind faith”.  Many Christians are just “believers in belief” — they suspend all critical thought purely to preserve their “belief”.  Very few ever challenge their faith, throughout their whole lives.

Atheists do not have that heavy burden of justifying all the inconsistencies and incongruities of religion in order to live happily.  They simply marvel at the wondrous universe, and the plausible explanations of its origins; the beauty of the Earth and a clear explanation of the evolution of all life, through natural selection.  Science fact, not biblical fiction. Atheists do not mass in congregations for solos; they discuss life with ‘free thinkers’ — with no need for religion.

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