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Intelligent Design (ID) and Irreducible Complexity (IC)

How fundamentalist Christians corrupt the evidence for evolution:

Those who attempt to discredit evolution either use “quote mining” — deliberately and selectively quoting scientists or academics out of context — or they brazenly breach their own 9th Commandment.

Fundamentalist Christians believe their entire religious edifice will crumble if they accept the raw facts of evolution.  The vast majority of Christians fully embrace Darwin’s Theory, yet Creationists persist with teaching their children the alarming myths of Genesis and the “literal truths” of the Old Testament.

Their primary weapons continue to be the tired and dog-eared arguments of Intelligent Design (ID has God’s hand creating everything) and Irreducible Complexity (IC, which concocts that evolution could not have produced the human eye, among many other things).

Darwin himself is constantly misquoted on the development of an eye.  But ask a Creationist to read Darwin’s entire paragraph — where he’s quoted as saying the idea is “absurd in the highest degree” —  and one quickly learns that this religious moralist is being entirely dishonest.  Darwin was fully aware that the “intermediate stage” for the formation of an eye — the many different types of eye — already existed in nature.

Biological and scientific evidence is insurmountable —  with an embryonic eye beginning originally as just a group of light-sensitive cells that can distinguish light from dark.  The eye gradually evolved with a progression of rudimentary lenses until it became the complex organ it is today.  As we know, there are many different types of eye for various animals, including some that live in dark environments, and which still process a rudimentary type of eye.

There are many videos and documentary that provide the overwhelming evidence for evolution by natural selection, and which explode the Creationist’s ‘Trojan Horse’ of Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity.  Several have been listed below, and the internet is full of authentic and scientific evidence for evolution.

We’ve all heard radio, TV and newspaper reports where irate Christians condemn “moderate Islamists” for failing to rein in the zealots within their own religion.  It is now long overdue for “moderate Christians” to call openly — through their churches, and the media — for their own fundamentalists brethren to cease these mindless attacks on science.  The practice of indoctrinating young children with fundamentalists beliefs is tantamount to child abuse.

For more detailed information view these sample sources:

Dr Barbara Forrest “Inside Creationism’s Trojan Horse” (1 hour).  The Dover School court case re Creationism
Dr Eugenie Scott “Reason and Creationism”   (37 mins)
Irreducible Complexity (1)   (10 mins)
Irreducible Complexity (2)   (10 mins)
Intelligent Design (1)   (6 mins)
website: List of Best Videos on ID and IC — see the section on Creationism

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