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God’s Poor Design

This fascinating 10-minute video is a concise overview of how poorly “designed” our bodies really are.  We have numerous “vestigial organs” — parts of our anatomy that are now obsolete or don’t function very well.

While our evolution has given us many remarkable advantages, through “natural selection”, this list of defects makes a mockery of the Creationist argument for “Intelligent Design”.  This video is part 2/2, Episode 9, of a 24-part series from “Discovering Religion” — a website that looks critically at many of the ideas espoused by various religions.

    • The eye:  There’s an evolutionary “blind spot” in the retina, with no retinal receptors at the “optic disc”.
    • The Laryngeal Nerve: during evolution the nerve takes a long and indirect route from the brain to the larynx.
    • Appendix and wisdom teeth: both from our early ancestors who were herbivores.
    • The nose: 75% of our “Offactory” genes (sense of smell) are non-functional.
    • Plantaris muscle: in the human foot, used for gripping as with other primates.
    • The “embryonic tail”: which starts to recede after 8 weeks. Only the Coccyx remains.
    • Knees: not really built for kneeling
    • The elbows: no protection for the Ulner nerve.
    • The skull: poor protection for our large brain.  Adapted with the ability to compress during birth.
    • Ear wiggling muscles: Three muscles in the ear that we no longer use.
    • Sparse body hairy:  further evidence of our evolution from early primates.
    • Goosebumps: the Arrector Pili muscle at the base of hair follicles; caused hair to stand on end
      (as with animals in the wild, and with domestic dogs and cats).
    • The Male nipple:
    • Circumcision: Why do some religions mutilate children this way, if Man is made in “God’s perfect’ image”?